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I value all of my clients and miss each of you.  At this time, I am still not open for business.  I am closely watching the data from the CDC , but,  since my studio is in my home, I do not feel comfortable opening, yet.  Thank you for your understanding.  You are on my mind and in my heart.  Yours in wellness, Dawn

You are the Temple

woman as sacred space

Listen Sisters, listen with your whole body,

the antenna of your skin, the vibration of your

breath.  Re-connect to your own wild wonderful, your luminous soul, your anchored awareness.  Your body is not just a vehicle, but your partner in an infinite dance with who you are in this lifetime.  Do you feel out of sorts, disconnected, and even at war with your body? Are you at the opposite end of the spectrum: full of self love, and in mad delight with your own beingness and utter bad-assery?  Or are you somewhere in between those two poles? Let me put together a Temple Package for you.  The burning of sage, sacred prayers, meditations, ritual, chakra and meridian work, bodywork and movement all with a focus on re-igniting your innate shakti flow are a few of our tools.


Let's have a phone consultation and decide what elements will best fit your needs and personality.  Want just a massage?  Feel called to more meditation, movement and visualization?  Each session is custom-tailored to you.  The length of the session is based on your desires and is charged at just $10/ hour more than regular session rates. For manual therapy combined with energy, movement, and meditation work I recommend a two-hour session. 


Massage, yoga, and movement guidance performed with care:  releases soft tissues, realigns scar tissue, provides increased circulation, encourages energetic connections, and regulates the nervous system.  From pregnancy and birth recovery to menopause and beyond, these manual and movement therapies support healthy tone in the pelvic floor, encourage healing of diastis recti, balance the hormonal system, fortify your structure, and elicit a profound sense of wellbeing.  


As women each new chapter brings its own body and emotional adjustments.  My massage, yoga, and movement support can make these transitions easier. Together, we will reunite you with your body for loving-kindness towards yourself no matter what your biological age or life phase.



Prenatal / Postnatal / Surgery Recovery / Menopause / Fertility Support / Abdominal Care...Massage, Yoga, Breath, & Alignment.