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I value all of my clients and miss each of you.  At this time, I am still not open for business.  I am closely watching the data from the CDC , but,  since my studio is in my home, I do not feel comfortable opening, yet.  Thank you for your understanding.  You are on my mind and in my heart.  Yours in wellness, Dawn

My Work Philosophy


is not only essential for life, nourishing each cell so that it can replicate and perform its functions optimally, but it also represents our spirit in the form of Prana or Qi that weaves us as individuals with a greater creative/destroying/transforming energy.



(how our bodies interact with and are loaded by that force) shapes our physical structures.  We can create better functioning systems and the longevity of health by considering how we move (or don't move) in relation to this force.  Gravity is also our grounding force.  It keeps us from flying off the surface of the earth and into space.  Gravity roots us into the energies of mother earth and deeper into our own sense of self. 



are two major inner and outer forces on our bodies.  I am fascinated by the inner space of the body and exploring how the body is intertwined with the spirit and indeed a more expansive and divine energy.   The body wants to return to balance and health.  I do not DO the work TO your body, instead, I am companion and support in your body's own healing process.  I'm committed to constant and continuous education in the field of holistic wellness, seeking out and studying as many viewpoints that I can find and synergizing that knowledge into practical applications that best serve my clients. I help you learn to better pilot your body.



I combine manual massage therapies, therapeutic stretching/strengthening, and meridian/energy/meditative work with a keen eye for alignment issues and breathing patterns.  I regard the WHOLE person, not just as individual muscles, but as an entire interconnected system that communicates and interacts within itself.  That means thinking about how your neural and energy pathways are flowing, whether your fascia is stuck or fluid, your hydration of tissues, your circulation and digestion, your emotional states, and your individual history of injury and repetitive use patterns, even, in fact, how cells relate and communicate within that system.  All of these play into how the body holds tension and how your brain interprets the sensory data coming to it from the rest of your nervous system.  



I see nutritional movement (meaning a variety of movement through out our day) as a huge key in realigning our bodies and loading our tissues so that our bodies are stronger and more flexible.  Nutritional integrated movement combined with bodywork are powerful and complimentary modalities on the path to long-term full-bodied awareness and wellness that will keep us agile and strong, ensuring that our golden years truly are golden.



Issues that can be addressed by my work include: injury, chronic pain, female reproductive issues, breast care, PTSD, fatigue, digestive issues, reflux, depression, sports performance, libido, anxiety, and much more.