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I value all of my clients and miss each of you.  At this time, I am still not open for business.  I am closely watching the data from the CDC , but,  since my studio is in my home, I do not feel comfortable opening, yet.  Thank you for your understanding.  You are on my mind and in my heart.  Yours in wellness, Dawn

Yoga + Integrated Movement Private Sessions


"The body will become better at whatever you do or don’t do. You don’t move? the body will make you better at not moving by locking the tissues together. If you move the body will allow you more movement. You want this kind of mobility because that is your age, your REAL age.  --Ido Portal


I have over ten years experience as a yoga teacher, trained in Alignment-based Hatha practices, Kundalini, and Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga.  Our sessions go beyond placing the body in various poses as yoga is about integration, unity, and determining what you choose to yolk yourself to in this lifetime.  We learn to balance effort with dynamic relaxation, the give and take, the drawing in with steadiness and the lengthening out with fluidity.  We acknowledge our light and dark aspects, and we sense the gentle pulsation of opposites that is the vibration of the universe and all the space in between.  


Private yoga sessions are very therapeutic as there is time to address the issues that exist in your body, your own emotional states, and your life experiences.  Not only can you gain understanding of particular poses and how you should adapt those poses for your body, but you also gain sequences tailored to your individual needs.  Plus you have the ability to stop and ask questions and recieve detailed answers all in your own sweet time.  


These sessions are great for the beginner yogi who really wants to slow down and have each part of yoga: body position, breath awareness and pranayama, mantra, mudra... explained in terms that make sense to you. At the same time, experienced yogis benefit from private sessions by taking their yoga practice to the next level and even exploring aspects of yoga that aren't always addressed in mixed-level community classes.  



(not offering at this time, but feel free to ask about incorporating therapeutic movements and exercises into your massage or yoga session)

Integrated & Nutritional Movement sessions focus on investigating the wide range of natural human movement, and understanding your body in relationship to the force of gravity.  We look at alignment as well as how to utilize our bodies purposefully out of alignment so that we continue to strengthen all of our tissues.  We utilize this knowledge for increased range of motion, agility, and health.  Taking our cues from the wealth of research currently available in the arenas of biomechanics, primal movement, neurology, anthropology, and natural vs. normal human movement, we unravel issues that may be plaguing you due to lifestyle, repetitive-use patterns, injury, and chronic disorders.  

These sessions incorporate methods learned from my training as a MovNat Certified Trainer, the field of somatics, yoga, breath patterns, physical theater, dance, and childhood explorations.  They are fun and have a focus on long-term health, pain reduction, and awareness exercises for feeling more liberated in your body. These sessions are perfect for anyone interested in learning more about her/his body and how all the seemingly disparate parts work together. They will make you strong and agile, while giving you a well-rounded movement education and a sense of deep body awareness. Plus, you get to play in my basement, aka The Nutritional Movement Lab, where you can hang from bars, work with the TRX suspension system, utilize body rolling for fascial release, and crawl around on the floor.  Or, on sunny days, we can take it to the park and hang out with your inner child.  Bring some friends and enjoy small group sessions.