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I value all of my clients and miss each of you.  At this time, I am still not open for business.  I am closely watching the data from the CDC , but,  since my studio is in my home, I do not feel comfortable opening, yet.  Thank you for your understanding.  You are on my mind and in my heart.  Yours in wellness, Dawn

100% Organic Jojoba Oil blended with hiqh-quality therapeutic essential oils

Welcome!  I am so happy you are here.


I am passionate about empowered living, practical and functional movement, and guiding others on their journey back to (or deeper into) wellness.  At the heart of my work (and my work is full of heart), is the concept of INTEGRITY.


in·teg·ri·ty:  the state of being

whole and undivided.


We are not seperate bits walking around detached from each of our systems, detached from our spirits.  We are whole beings.  There is no division between your mind, your body, your spirit.  Each of these seemingly different elements are interwoven.  However, sometimes these interconnected pieces forget that they are a cohesive team playing on the same energy field.  That is where my work comes in handy, pun intended.  I help you to remember your INTEGRITY.  You are whole, ALWAYS. And your whole resonant being wants to feel that way again.   


Embodied Alchemy

Being in your body, truly BEING in your body: brain communicating with all body parts, muscles strong and flexible, all systems optimally functioning, movement easeful, spirit uplifted, shadow integrated, that is embodied alchemy.  As a massage therapist, yogi, and all around body nerd, I want you to feel more liberated in your body.  I blend science-based therapeutic techniques with age-old energy practices, and intuition to custom-tailor a session to your body's needs.  My mission is to reduce pain, create comfort, inspire, and awaken you on all levels,  via the lens of your body.


Full-bodied Consciousness

Touch was our first sense, movement our first mode of expression.  Awareness is required to remain connected and feeling good in our bodies.  My manual and movement work facilitates this awareness.  Whether you are healing from an injury, living with chronic pain, or just need a sweet day of pampering and relaxation,  I want to aid you in your mind-body connection so that your spirit can soar.


Yoga and Integrated Movement

In addition to my bodywork services, I can guide you in yoga practices and movement for recovery and health, help you to see where you are holding patterns of dis-ease in your body, and make recommendations to adjust those patterns and create new pathways for long-term wellness.


"You are not a drop in the ocean.

You are the ocean in a drop." - Rumi


Wellness Longevity



Classes + Privates

Four 1-hour sessions for $280.   That is a rate of $70 per 1-hour session*


Four 1.5 hour sessions for $420, the rate of $105 per 1.5 hour session.*

    *All 4 sessions must be used within three months and paid at

time of 1st service. 

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Whether you are the partner of a

pregnant woman, new parents caring for

an infant, or the support partner for someone living with a chronic or degenerative disorder, I offer private classes that teach you the power of caring touch so that you can continue the good work of

massage at home.

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